Factory Verification

by Julian Righetti on February 27,2014 in

Ensure the factory you buy from is legitimate


  • Ensuring your order is placed at a real factory
  • Making sure the factory produce quality goods
  • Checking for risks of fraud and suspicious history
  • Taking away the risks of buying direct from factories


With years of on the ground experience, our factory verification inspectors will visit the factory and ensure that they are a real, operating company. We will also check for quality of goods produced and current orders being made. Our bi-lingual Western and Chinese staff use their knowledge and skills to make sure your order will be placed without risk.


What do we check for?


  • Our inspectors physically visit the factory, to check its legitimacy
  • Verify that the contact person is employed at the factory.
  • Check business and export licenses
  • Inspect current orders and previous order records
  • Assess quality of products
  • Verify any standards and certification claims
  • Research the factory history for evidence of fraudulent activity


Source Products with Confidence


  • Provide us information about the factory you need inspected by clicking the ‘Start your Factory Verification’ Button.
  • Our consultant will contact you within 24 hours.
  • After we perform the inspection you will be sent the Factory Verification Inspection Report within 48 hours
  • Factory verification inspections from US$250

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