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by Julian Righetti on September 14,2012 in South America China Trade ,

Do you like negotiating with Chinese? Want to know how much your Chinese supplier is making off you? Easier said than done, right? Negotiating with Chinese companies is hard….

Actually, its not that hard……..knowledge is power.

Raw Material Costs + Labor + VAT Tax + Margin = Price

If you can identify most of this, you can get close…….and most of this information is available online!

For example, are you manufacturing plastic bottles for cosmetics? How much does that plastic cost for the plastic injection molding machine? Look up raw material costs in China to increase your profits from your Chinese suppliers.

Also, consider labor costs…..there is a lot of variation between Guangzhou & Shantou. Recently, we quoted some boxes for a top retailer in USA. We selected factories from Guangzhou and Shantou…..Guess which factory was cheaper (by almost 30%!)…..

Monthly Labor Costs in Guangdong (1 worker per month):

Average: 3363RMB/month ($533USD/month) Look at the difference in labor costs between Shantou and Guangzhou….nearly 1500RMB (270USD)! Shantou is only a 5 hours away and has port access…..


省平均 3363元

广州 4567元 Guangzhou

深圳 4205元 Shenzhen

东莞 3881元 Dongguan

中山 3382元 Zhongshan

佛山 3090元 Foshan

珠海 2867元 Zhuhai

清远 2726元 Qingyuan

韶关 2656元 Shaoguang

惠州 2467元 Huizhou

汕头 2312元 Shantou

江门 2291元 Jiangmen

湛江 2232元 Zhanjiang

梅州 2223元 Meizhou

河源 2198元 Heyuan

茂名 2151元 Maoming

潮州 2043元 Chaozhou

阳江 1966元 Yangjiang

揭阳 1884元 Jieyang

What about VAT taxes? If you can develop a basic cost structure of your supplier, you’ll be closer to increasing your profits from your Chinese supplier with your additional leverage. Check how much they are really getting back from the government-17% extra margin for your supplier is a lot? Negotiating with Chinese can be tricky so learn as much as you can before you start…

Different products are taxed at different rates…..and these rates change frequently….it’s useful to know because you can use this as leverage with your suppliers…..

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